Company Profile was founded as a sole proprietorship on August 7, 2005. Initially, clients were sought through and included primarily entrepreneurs who needed content for their websites. The company was conceived as a part-time creative outlet from the corporate world, where company founder and president Beth Philley spent 40 hours a week.

As time went on, more substantial and long-term clients were gained, including Arion Focus (owner of the websites and and For Arion Focus, ProBiz provides online content including website articles, daily blog entries, and bi-weekly newsletters. is an online provider of courses for which clients receive continuing education credits in the areas of mental health, child welfare, and nursing. ProBiz writes the examinations their clients must take at the end of each course in order to receive credit.

In 2011, Beth Philley was approved by the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program to provide continuing education courses to foster parents and social workers. To date, over 100 such workshops have been presented.

Building on that experience, and under the sponsorship of, ProBiz began developing and presenting ad hoc workshops around the country, training school-based professionals and non-profit employees on topics related to child welfare such as bullying and transitional skills for adolescents.


Company president Beth Philley has been approved as a trainer providing continuing-education credits by the Association of Social Work Boards, the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage & Family Therapy Board, and the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners. 

Working just on evenings and weekends, ProBiz concentrated on the three major clients noted above, as well as on ad hoc workshops, and averaged $20,000 in profits per year.

In March, 2014, Philley left her full-time employment at American Electric Power in order to run ProBiz as a full-time endeavor. Since that time, ProBiz has provided curriculum development and classroom training delivery to several entities of the United States government including the US Air Force, the US Marines, the US Department of Labor, the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Army Reserves, and the US Navy.  In addition, smaller contracts have been obtained from the City of Binghamton, New York, the Maine Department of Transportation, BerryDunn,  and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The company continues to service its three original large clients, Arion Focus,, and the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program.

This very small business is located in Canton, Ohio, and provides personalized service and immediate attention to client concerns. 

ProBiz can accommodate both large and small training groups.

ProBiz can accommodate both large and small training groups.

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