Testimonials from Past Class Members

Mark C. (Cleveland, Ohio school counselor)

Organized.  Involved attendees to participate and ask questions.  Good use of videos.  Impactful, real life stories.

Anonymous (Wisconsin School Counselor Assoc Conference)

Best sectional all day.  Thank you for coming!

Joseph T (Portland, Maine Senior Consultant)

Beth put together, I believe, an excellent display and tied the materials we received to her visual presentation in a very clean and descriptive way.  I found her teaching methods to be excellent.

Anonymous (Chicago, Illinois Leadership Conference)

Beth was excellent presenting the info...she should have a podcast...the info is too valuable to not have constant access to.

Anonymous (BerryDunn Writing Workshop)

I found all the content material to be very relevant and well thought out.  The use of breakout sessions was used in a very well-orchestrated manner.  Very effective.

Anonymous (Writing Workshop)

The instructor was very interesting and clearly had experience and enthusiasm for her subject.