Frequently Asked Questions

How can help my company be more profitable?
By hiring me as an independent contractor, you avoid paying any taxes or benefits normally associated with a direct hire. In addition, my pricing is based on the Midwest US market, so if you are in a larger city, you will think I am out of my mind for offering to work so cheaply.

How do you measure the success of your work?
I can only say I am successful to the extent that my clients are satisfied. I must meet deadlines, communicate issues immediately, provide more than is expected, and be responsive to all client needs in order to be successful.

How much experience do you have?
I have been a supervisor at two Fortune 500 companies for a total of 15 years, and have run my own business for nearly 10 years.  I have been providing training workshops for over five years.  In addition, I have over ten years of experience in Internet research.

What are your top strengths?
I am driven to succeed by providing total client satisfaction on every job I accept. I set realistic expectations for myself and will inform a client if I cannot do what (s)he is asking me to. When I am asked to design workshop curricula, I have a rule that if I can't make it fun, I won't accept the assignment.  My workshops are humorous and interactive to keep participants focused and engaged.

What aspects of your job do you consider most crucial?
Communication, without a doubt, is the most important factor in what I do. Keeping clients advised as to what to expect and when enables both of us to stay on the same page.

What makes you unique and why should we hire you over any of our other candidates?
As a solo-preneur, I provide personal service to my clients.  When you call, you will always be talking to the person who can make decisions on behalf of the company (as well as the person who opens the mail and makes the coffee).  I have a Master's Degree in business management and over 15 years of supervisory experience at Fortune 500 companies.  ProBiz is the perfect size company to complete your projects without billing you for a lot of overhead.  Working with me as an independent consultant allows you to utilize my skillset only when you need specific help, without tying yourself long-term to an employee who may or may not turn out to be what you expected. My work may be specific project-related, or may fill an ongoing need, such as a monthly newsletter. Either way, our arrangement is much more flexible than you would have with a direct hire.

Do you prefer continuity in structure or frequent change in your daily work?
crave variety and the opportunity to use my creative skills. I work well under deadline pressure and like to switch tasks often, which is why I freelance for several clients rather than just one. My current clients range from continuing education providers who require online content, to a local artist seeking marketing support, to a web designer who continually needs fresh content for his sites.  I also regularly train foster parents and social workers through the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program.  (Learn more about my child welfare training offerings.)

Tell me something about yourself that I didn't know from reading your resume.
I am a foster and adoptive mother with three wonderfully active boys.


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