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Did you know that company president Beth Philley is also an author?

Her first novel, Caribbean Destiny, is available exclusively online.  

Synopsis:  Going on a cruise to get over a devastating turn in her personal life, Molly Logan soon finds herself occupied not only by a new mystery, but also by the ship's awesome Assistant Security Chief.

When Cooper disappears at the start of their honeymoon, Katie realizes their whirlwind courtship did not allow her to get to know him very well.  Has he left her?  Did he ever exist or was he just a figment of her imagination? 

Katie struggles inwardly with these questions while she attempts to convince both Molly and Security Chief Enrique Martinez that she is not crazy. 

Molly goes to work researching Cooper Quinn on the Internet and finds details about his mysterious life that he had not shared with Katie.  They must then figure out which of the demons from his past has kidnapped him and what they plan to do with him.



On the non-fiction front, Beth, who is also the chief blogger for, has written a handy guidebook for prospective dog owners called 101 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Dog.  This book is available online.  

Synopsis:  A realistic guide to all of the things you should consider before bringing a dog into your home.  This book covers everything from preparations to puppyhood to playtime to end-of-life issues.  The last chapter includes some famous quotations about dogs to make you smile...and think.


Coming soon: 
The second novel in the Molly Logan series:  Missing in Action.
A non-fiction book on parenting and behavior management:  Disciplining Your Children without Punishing Yourself
A handbook on starting and succeeding in business:  101 Keys to Small Business Success, based on the Entrepreneur's Handbook.

A slice of life novel set in a small town, tentatively titled Gil's Variety.

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